This is what we do
We create a whole new way of living, forming ideas to reality. We work together with elite architects and contractors to create optimal living spaces. Our team consist of over 300 people working in Cracow and Wroclaw. We do our absolute best and beyond to meet your dreams and expectations.
Our investments offer an uncompromising and holistic way of living, a combination of comfort, originality, beauty, innovation, sustainability and primed located.
Commercial and Offices
We carefully define concepts and select tenants for our commercial spaces, working harmoniously with the rest of the environment.
Our hotels have become landmarks, destinations, a vibrant hub to tourist and locals.
Angel Construction
We implement investment projects in Wroclaw and Cracow under the supervision of the renown experts, with years of experience in the construction industry.
Angel Management
We professionally manage real estate, helping our investors and providing comfort to the residents of our facilities.
We really care about people’s needs

We are environmentally conscious, utilizing the best available insulation, design and materials to ensure optimal energy efficiency in our projects. The connection with the local communities and local resources is a priority, aiming to set as a sustainable model.

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