We have taken up the first stage of the investment. Wilanów One was to become the largest residential investment in Warsaw.
The distinguishing feature of Wilanów One is its elegant light façade made of natural stone and granite. The lightness of the building blocks is given by large wooden window planes. The impression of space inside the apartments is enhanced by their height, from 2.90 to 3.40 metres. As a standard, each apartment has air conditioning to maintain optimal temperature.
High quality
Elegant architecture together with marble finishes of the entrance halls emphasizes the sense of taste and comfort. The high quality of workmanship guarantees durability. Apart from the most sought-after areas of the apartments, the Wilanów One buildings will feature luxurious penthouses of up to 170 m2, accompanied by spacious terraces.
The whole project consists of 275 new apartments, including 17 apartment units, located in 2 multifamily buildings. Each of them has from 1 to 5 above-ground stories together with a ground floor and one underground story.
Location matters
Błonia Winalowskie, Sarmacka street 19/21, Warsaw
date of completion
15000 sq.m
surface area
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