An excellent example of how to successfully revitalise dying buildings and how to restore their historical beauty and give them a meaning comparable to that of the past.
The Granary_BOX 1
Unique and luxurious
The Granary has become a reference point for all small and intimate hotels in Poland. This unique and rare venture was even noticed by the authors of the prestigious catalogue of Small Luxury Hotels of the World in 2009.
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Central location
The hotel is located in the historical center of Wroclaw. Thanks to careful and innovative restoration activities it has undergone a metamorphosis and as a key point in the city it attracts anew the attention of travelling guests. It offers exceptional accommodation and meals in one of the best restaurants in Wroclaw.
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Minimalistic character
Formerly, it was a 16th century malt house, of which only brick cellars, perimeter walls and high peaks remained. Today there is a boutique hotel with a unique character. Although each high standard room is completely different, they all share modest minimalism and subdued colors.
Location matters
Mennicza 24, Wroclaw
GS Arch
architectural design
executive architect
general constructor
date of completion
3250 sq.m
surface area
25 million pln
project value
The Granary (2)
The Granary (3)
The Granary
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