On September 22, 2023 the Municipality of Wroclaw, represented by Wrocławskie Mieszkania, has signed an agreement with the Angel Poland Group, on the basis of which a new sensory park is going to be built in the Oławski Suburb. The park will be the final development within Angel Square.

The subject of the agreement includes that Angel Poland Group will provide the complete design documentation and will execute the overall construction works. The first stage, which is related to the preparation of the necessary documentation for obtaining a building permit, is estimated to take about six months, while the construction works are planned to be completed by the end of June 2025. Then the residents will be able to fully enjoy new green recreational areas. All investment costs will be covered by Angel Poland Group.

– In Wroclaw we take care of green spaces systemically. We work with business, investors, companies and most importantly with the residents to create more places for recreation and relaxation in an unique natural scenery. With a joint effort, we are creating spaces such as the aforementioned sensory park, but not only that. By mid 2025, the residents will be able to enjoy the charms of the new public green area in all its glory. This is very important for us – says Jakub Mazur, Deputy Mayor of the City of Wroclaw.


park sensoryczny_szkic park_ ogrody sensoryczne

Angel Poland Group has communicated the plans for the sensory park shortly after announcing the construction of the new prestigious apartment building, The Upper House by Angel. In 2022, public consultations were held, during which a preliminary conceptual sketch of the park was presented and discussed. This is the developer’s next investment in green space for residents of the Oławski Suburb. Previously, the company committed its capital to the revitalization of the Oława riverfront and as a result, Wrocław residents can today benefit from these unique areas, enjoying the proximity of water and greenery.

– As part of our social responsibility, taking care of ecology is extremely important to us. Recognizing the potential inherent in the green areas, we invest our capital in them so that the local community can take full advantage of the surrounding spaces. For example, this was the case with the promenade and piers along the Oława River, which today have become one of the most visited places in the Oławski Suburb. The initiative to create a sensory park aims to develop the area, which today is of no value to residents. Soon they will gain a new meeting place full of greenery and neighborly integration – says Kamil Mazela, the Project Manager at Angel Poland Group.

Several activity zones are planned for the sensory park, with divisions including sensory paths, walking and biking trails, and mini “gardens”: sound, smell and touch. There are also plans for new additional plantings, as well as the care and preservation of valuable specimens of existing trees. Both parties to the agreement ensure that they will take care of systematized waste storage and collection areas, as well as maneuvering areas and lighting. A reputable architecture studio, EPR Architects, is involved in designing the park. The completion of The Upper House by Angel and the creation of the sensory park will constitute the final development of the area on Walońska Street, which will not only affect the comfort of the residents, but will also increase the value of the properties within Angel Square.

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