Angel Poland Group, a leading company on the Polish premium real estate market, which develops investments in Krakow and Wroclaw, has joined forces with MyTower, an Israeli manufacturer of an innovative platform and application for comprehensive property management. Angel will implement this solution in its current investments, thanks to which residents will gain access to unique possibilities on a national scale already in this year.

In Israel, the MyTower platform and application is currently the most popular solution offering intelligent building management solutions and establishing relations with and between residents and service providers while delivering the best in class experience. The software, acting similar to an Operating System for the Building, tested by tens of thousands of users, is now coming to Poland. In a joint project, its potential will be used by Angel Poland Group, which will contribute to it with its many years of construction and development experience. The company created in this way will prepare an application adjusted to the Polish realities. MyTower in its new version, will be first introduced in Angel investments in Kraków and Wrocław, and ultimately also on the European market.

The synergy of established technology capabilities and market experience

The most important functionality of the application is the ability to digitize      processes related to building operation. Thanks to this, property administrators can, for example, control access to the building and manage common areas from the level of one tool. Residents, in turn, can communicate with the manager, service providers and their neighbours and create communities between the residents of the project and other project within the group.

There are applications for controlling access to buildings, there are applications for managing parking spaces in underground garages, and others for the contact between residents. MyTower brings all these elements together in a single solution. By leveraging the application, while adding Angel's experience in property management and construction, we will fill the biggest gap in the current market for "proptech", i.e. innovative technologies applicable to the development industry. It is an area in which we want to grow because we see its incredible potential. This is one reason why we have already started recruiting new specialists who will support this Joint Venture project.
- says Ron Ben Shahar, CEO of Angel Poland Group.

The Solution in Poland already in 2021

Angel Poland Group will introduce selected functionalities and modules of the MyTower application in the first place in the Angel City investment in Wrocław and Angel Stradom in Kraków, and all others angel clients who will be wishing to join on other angel projects which will be used this year.

For residents, this is great news, as no other building in Poland will have such an innovative and comprehensive solution. The software streamlines the management of properties and services, combining all functionalities under one virtual roof. So, we can say that the application reduces the costs of managing and administering the building while increasing its usability and experience of the residents. It is important because Angel investments have many facilities such as spa areas, swimming pools, gyms or coworking spaces and enjoying neighbours community activities which can be created privately between the residents. Now their management will be even more effective.
- emphasises Tomasz Karpiel, COO of Angel Poland Group.

First Poland, then the rest of Europe

Cooperation between Angel Poland Group and MyTower will be based on the exchange of experience. The Polish company’s knowledge of the European, real estate market will allow the new company to develop its operations on the Old Continent. It is a big step towards the effective implementation of proptech solutions in residential investments carried out in this area.

It is currently difficult to find an equally advanced application with a similar range of functionality in Europe, and it is worth adding that our software is evolving and adapting to the growing needs of property managers. Advanced machine learning algorithms study the property and its inhabitants to cope even better with anticipating needs based on user feedback and aggregated data. That is why we wanted our product to be developed in the European market by a company with extensive and comprehensive development, construction, and property management experience. Angel Poland Group has in its portfolio the entity Angel Management, whose tasks are concentrated in this area. For us, it is a certainty that our solution will be implemented most effectively. It will continue developing and adapting to residents and managers' needs in the most prestigious facilities in Poland and then in other European countries.
- says Pini Shemesh, co-founder and COO of MyTower.

The application is intended for the administration of residential, mixed-use and office facilities. Ultimately, the product will also be addressed to other developers operating in Poland and other European markets.

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