We are pleased to announce that Angel Poland Group has taken patronage of the DNA Gallery in Wrocław, whose mission is to promote and support young Polish artists, sell artworks and organize auctions, exhibitions and vernissages.

Art is embedded in our DNA…. We focus on it not only in the spaces we create in collaboration with the most respected architects and artists. We also make every effort to make the most of the potential of the commercial premises located in our buildings.

We decided to make one of Angel City’s non-commercialized premises available to the DNA Gallery in Wroclaw. And on March 8, on the occasion of Women’s Day, the opening of the exhibition “DNA of Women” took place there. It was not only a cultural event, but also a manifestation of women’s strength, determination and solidarity shown in the form of a collection of works by many artists, made over a decade. Through a variety of art forms, the artworks show the complexity and depth of women’s existence and certainly provoke a reflection on the role and place of women in society, their influence and potential to change the surrounding reality.

A wonderful celebration of our partnership that attracted local artists, art lovers and Angel Square residents.

DNA Kobiety DNA Kobiety
DNA Kobiety
DNA Kobiety
te ludzie
te wejscie
DNA Kobiety

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