In Angel City investment in Wrocław and Angel Stradom in Kraków final finishing works are being carried out. The keys will be officially handed over to the residents in this quarter.
  • Angel Poland Group has completed two premium investments that fit in the idea of revitalization of historical buildings and post-industrial areas.
    In September, the investor finished acceptance procedures for Angel Stradom and is going to start releasing apartments to buyers soon.
    Soon the Angel City building will be commissioned for use. It will consist of 370 apartments.

    Angel Poland Group has operated on the Polish market for 18 years. During this time it executed numerous projects and employed hundreds of people. Currently in Wroclaw the last procedures are being initiated in order to finish construction works and start acceptance of 370 high-standard apartments. In Cracow 135 premium apartments will start to be delivered in the second half of October.

    The company operates mainly on the Wrocław and Kraków markets. So far it has developed, among others, the residential complexes Angel Plaza, Angel City and Angel Wawel in Krakow, and Angel Wings, Angel River in Wroclaw. The group also operates two hotels built by it in Wrocław: The Granary and a mix use – OVO Hilton Wrocław including Double Tree by Hilton. Now another five-star Autograph Collection by Marriott is being built in Kraków, in the direct vicinity of Angel Stradom.

    In the vicinity of Wawel Castle

    The construction of Angel Stradom apartment building has come to an end. In September the investor completed acceptance procedures and soon intends to start handing over apartments to buyers. At the moment on the construction site of the apartment building there are gardeners making the last plantings and tending the already finished parts of the gardens.

    – In today’s construction industry, greenery is of key importance. As part of the Green Foundations Angel campaign, we are trying to increase the number of trees in the cities where we build. We know how important the natural environment is. Our customers also pay attention to it, as in times of pandemics they particularly value a piece of a green oasis in the surroundings of their apartments. Therefore, a total of 40 large, at least four-meter-high trees and more than 10,000 pieces of smaller and larger plants will be placed within the area of Angel Stradom – enumerates Bartłomiej Kostecki, project manager of Angel Stradom.

    The residential part has already been almost completely sold. The building had 135 apartments, the largest of which had approx. 300 sqm.

    – From the available apartments we left only two penthouses, the view from them is priceless. All other apartments have found their buyers. Our customers are very aware and know that the location is absolutely unique and that buying in our investment is the best way to invest capital, the value of which will grow,” emphasizes Małgorzata Nowodworska, Marketing and Sales Director at Angel Poland Group.

    Apart from the apartment building with 150 parking spaces, the most representative part of the investment – the Stradom House hotel – will appear in mid-2022. Its predominant part is located in the front building on Stradomska Street. From the beginning this investment was a huge challenge for the developer. Before starting the works, the tenement house was in a state of disrepair, while relevant regulations required restoration of the historic parts and blending them into the whole. Soon, this historic building will gain new splendor, and everyone will be able to use common areas, such as a restaurant, fitness centre, swimming pool or a SPA.

    The magic of Oławskie Przedmieście

    Oławskie Suburb is one of the most dynamically developing areas in Wrocław. It is on its outskirts, near the Oława river, in Walońska Street, that the modern Angel City building will soon be put into use.

    It will comprise 370 apartments of various sizes. Future residents of the apartment building will have at their disposal a lobby with round-the-clock security, a fitness center and a SPA zone with the area of almost 200 sqm, as well as a bicycle shed. In the underground part there will be charging stations for electric vehicles, and on the first floor there is a planned retail and service arcade with an area of over 1800 sqm.

    Also in this investment, the developer has not forgotten about greenery, which will fill the inner courtyard and part of the roofs, where atmospheric compositions with trees will be created.

    – Angel City is a modern building offering a coherent vision of a carefully thought-out project with refined details in terms of functionality and harmony with the surroundings. A wide range of apartments have been designed in the building – from one-room to over 100-metre apartments with terraces. And all this in the direct vicinity of the Old Market Square,” sums up Iwona Jurczenko, sales director at Angel Poland Group in Wrocław.

    The example of Angel Poland Group shows that the pandemic has not scared off new buyers. In both locations, the developer has already sold most apartments. There are only several dozen apartments left in Angel City and the last two in Angel Stradom. This is probably the last chance to become an owner of these prestigious properties.

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