Angel Poland Group is active on the Wrocław and Kraków market, where it is busy developing its construction projects. In the case of Wrocław it is the Angel City apartment building, and in Kraków, the Angel Stradom. Both buildings are developed by Angel Construction - a company operating within the Angel Poland capital group.

The Angel Poland developer group is currently developing two residential investments. One of them is Angel City, rising between Traugutta and Walońska streets in Przedmieście Oławskie. It is a premium residential complex with a retail part. The design created by EPR Architects in London anticipates apartments having the area between 27-112 sqm.

“Angel City comprises, among other things, 370 premium apartments in a well established part of Wrocław that has already seen development by our group - Przedmieście Oławskie. Additionally, we have started the commercialisation of over 2 thousand sqm of retail space located on the ground floor of the building. Our goal is to contract operators for the eating places and broadly understood services for the local population, within the scope of delivering the concept of complete communities” says Natalia Sawicka, Sales and Marketing Director at Angel Poland Group in Wrocław.

The building will be put into service in the third quarter of 2021, and already the progress of the construction works has reached 30 percent.

“Currently plastering works are underway on three underground levels. All the necessary systems are also being put in place, including electrical, fire prevention, and water supply and sewerage systems. At the same time works are ongoing on the overground structure of the building” says Paweł Laszecki, Project Manager at Angel Poland Group in Wrocław.

Angel Stradom is rising high

At the same time Kraków is witnessing the development of Angel Stradom, an apartment and hotel complex. The project comprises Stradom House, a five star Marriott Autograph Collection hotel, complete with conference rooms, ballroom, fitness facilities, spa and swimming pool, restaurants and a bar, as well as a residential part with 134 upscale apartments.

The building is expected to be put into service in the first half of 2022. Currently works are progressing, both for the residential and hotel part, on the underground section of the front hotel building – waterproofing of the foundation walls and constructions of the bottom slab.

“The works related to the foundation slab under the newly-constructed hotel wing are nearing completion, and the entire slab will be closed soon. Simultaneously, works are continuing on the flooring slab over the -1 level in the hotel part, as well as on the aboveground structure. The development of the residential building is about to enter into its final phase, with the first section of the +4 level floor to be completed at the beginning of March, and the completion of the entire building structure planned for the end of May 2020. At the same time plastering works are being conducted at the -1 level, and installation works at the -2 level, and painting works will begin on the ground floor starting from March” says Bartłomiej Kostecki, Project Manager at Angel Poland Group in Kraków.

Works related to networks and connecting utilities to the property are conducted concurrently with the construction works.

Growing Angel Construction presence

In 2018 the Angel Poland capital group decided to expand its operations by becoming a general contractor. To this end the group formed Angel Construction, a company that is now responsible for general contracting.

“Creating a company responsible for general contracting is a major step forward. After a year and a half of its operation we are able to say that it was the right decision. It gives us flexibility in approaching new projects. Commitment to projects at every stage has always been key, and for that reason in addition to working design designers, we engage conceptual designers. What we build is of paramount importance to us, there is no room for compromises here. By assuming full control over the construction process, we now have an even greater influence over what we develop. Another crucial aspect was hiring professionals to provide operational support for our construction sites. They were previously associated with the leading general contractors in Poland” says Marcin Kaznowski, President of the Management Board of Angel Construction and Technical Director at Angel Poland Group.

The buildings contracted by Angel Construction total at over 65 thousand sqm, with over 500 premium and luxury apartments, as well as a complex of 125 hotel rooms, conference rooms, ballrooms, swimming pool and a spa.

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