An unconventional residential property management service is being developed in the Polish market.

The developer Angel Poland Group will finish and rent the apartment and even sell it on the secondary market.

In the last few years, almost half of the apartments on the market were purchased for investment purposes. This trend is also visible in the luxury and premium property market. It is in this segment that apartments are most often purchased for cash or by means of loans with high own contribution. For this group of consumers of properties in the best locations and high standard facilities, this is not only a marker of prestige but above all, excellent capital protection and a sense of security. However, managing these properties by private individuals is a challenge. That is why a new comprehensive service is being created on the Polish market, which is to relieve the buyers of the burden of administering their property portfolio on their own.

Investing in real estate is not only associated with an increase in the value of assets in the long term. It is also the current income generated by their rental. It happens very often, however, that in the face of their professional work and other numerous duties, or having an extensive real estate portfolio, investors are not able to deal with them comprehensively. It should be remembered that its scope includes such activities as presenting the property to potential tenants, preparing and negotiating lease agreements, watching over the payment of rents on time, checking and verifying the credibility of contractors, dealing with tenants’ complaints, assistance in maintenance or paying bills and rent to the Housing Community for the apartment. Finally, it is also the supervision of the proper technical condition of the apartment and ongoing contact with the tenant.

An unprecedented service on the Polish real estate market

Therefore, responding to this demand from customers, Angel Poland Group, a developer who has been investing in Kraków and Wrocław for 17 years, has designed a service that is unique on the residential market in Poland. The offer is dedicated only and exclusively to flats and apartments completed and currently under construction by the Angel Poland Group, of which there are about 2500 in the portfolio of the Group in Kraków and Wrocław.

With the client until the very end. Safe journey through the entire investment cycle

The feeling of security among customers is very important. Therefore, Angel Poland Group aims to stay with the customer until the very end. Starting from the moment of receiving the keys, through finishing the apartment, managing the lease, and ending with a later possible sale on the secondary market.

Currently, in the Polish market, most developers focus only on building new investments and their commercialization, while we are expanding this process with a comprehensive approach to investing in the residential market. Thus, the client is provided with a full package of services within one service office,” explains Tomasz Karpiel, Group’s Chief Operating Officer.

New company in the hands of an experienced management team

Natalia Sawicka and Małgorzata Nowodworska are responsible for the development of the new service within the Angel Poland Group. Within the whole group, they are also responsible for sales on the primary market, marketing and comprehensive after-sales service of the implemented investments – in Wrocław and Kraków respectively.

  • Our clients often do not live in Kraków or Wrocław. They buy properties with the future in mind, ultimately wanting to live here permanently or buying them for their children, in between, deciding to rent. After the transaction they often return to their current place of residence or work, which is not always located in our country – explains Małgorzata Nowodworska.

That is why the company, responding to customers’ inquiries and expectations, has expanded its operations to include comprehensive property management within its investments.

  • Handling of lease agreements involves several cyclical activities, related to minor renovation works, inspections, ongoing contact with tenants or accounting and tax issues. These are time-consuming activities, often requiring a physical presence, which is not always possible, which is why we want to support our clients in these areas – adds Nowodworska.

From the purchase of the apartment to its sale at a profit

Therefore, Angel Management will provide services from the moment of the reception of the premises, through designing and then carrying out the turnkey finishing with full equipment, servicing the long-term lease, to the possible sale on the secondary market. The offer is also addressed to customers of investments already commissioned by the Angel Poland Group. Thus, the company will additionally provide home staging services, comprehensive service of existing lease agreements, and search for new tenants, thanks to an extensive network of contacts in the Kraków and Wrocław markets.

  • This service is offered directly by our Group, which means that when purchasing premises on the primary market, a full package of possibilities will be presented to the interested client. Such a solution allows for the comprehensive execution of transactions from every corner of the world. Our goal is to minimize the involvement of customers in the process of purchasing and commercialization of real estate, as well as to ensure the fully unmanned performance of lease agreements on the part of buyers. For our clients, it is an unprecedented convenience that is not available on the Polish market. We are the forerunner of such an approach to customer service on the residential market – says Natalia Sawicka.

They build apartments and strengthen relationships – benefits for customers

The Angel Management company will also establish an Angel Club. This is a package of benefits exclusively for customers of the Angel Poland Group. They include special offers for accommodation, restaurant or recreation services in the Group’s hotel facilities, i.e. OVO Hilton in Wrocław, and the future also in Stardom House – a five-star Autograph Collection by Marriott hotel, which is currently under construction at Stradomska Street in Kraków. Besides, the Group will provide priority and attractive terms and conditions for the purchase of other real estates as part of further investments by the Angel Poland Group.

  • As a group, we respond to the needs of our customers and operate comprehensively in the real estate market. Our activities focus on the residential and hotel market. These investments are often mixed-used facilities, where numerous service units are built. Moreover, in 2018 we started our own general contracting. Within the framework of Angel Construction, we are currently constructing over 500 flats and apartments and a 5-star hotel. We also manage our housing communities. Now, to this range of services we have also added the management of apartments for rent – says Tomasz Karpiel, Chief Operating Officer of Angel Poland Group.

For the company, cooperation with the client does not end with selling the apartment on the primary market. It is a long-term process, which nowadays is also transferred to sales on the secondary market.

It is an attractive opportunity for our customers. Knowing the market well and the investments that we have built within the capital group, we are able to promote the property and best present its advantages. It is an additional guarantee for our buyers that they will take care of the facilities we build. They can be sure that we are a partner for them not only during the warranty and guarantee period but much longer. We also work on building neighborly relations. We do this as part of our social responsibility and as part of services to be provided by Angel Club. Due to putting relations first, we focus only on long-term rental. Short-term leases in residential premises are completely outside the scope of our group’s interest,” explains Tomasz Karpiel.

Angel Management starts its operations from April 2020.


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