The tower by Oława River completed. Angel River in figures.

The tower by Oława River completed. Angel River in figures.

The construction of Angel River in Walońska street, one of the largest and most prestigious housing investments in Wrocław, has come to an end. Occupancy permits have already been issued for the buildings along the Oława River. Which buildings have been surpassed, and which matched in height? How long did the construction take? How many plants have been planted? What will the fitness and spa zone look like? Here are some figures and trivia.


Is the height, in metres, of the new apartment building in Walońska street, making it the tallest building in Przedmieście Oławskie and one of the tallest residential developments in Wrocław. In this part of the city Angel River rises above Trzonolinowiec (41 m) and the historic water tower (40 m). “The top floors of the building provide a spectacular, panoramic view of Wrocław. From their balconies and terraces the residents  will see church towers, Ostrów Tumski, water tower, the Grunwaldzki Bridge, the Centennial Hall, the Odra and Oława River” lists Natalia Sawicka, Sales and Marketing Director of Angel River. The office buildings of Arkady Wrocławskie and Grunwaldzki Center are of the same height. The only taller buildings in the area are Kredka and Ołówek in the Grunwaldzki Square. The students’ houses stand at 85 and 70 metres, respectively.


Is the total number of floors in the two Angel River buildings, the first of which has 17, and the other 9 floors. Below the ground there is a parking with a capacity of 359 cars, including a paid zone with several dozen parking spaces for the guests and clients of the businesses in the building. In the garage there is also a charging station for electric vehicles. Angel River provides the residents with a number of other amenities, including a fitness and spa zone, elegant lobby with a meeting area, a green patio, and a children's playroom. Children can also use the outdoor playground. The floors are accessed using quiet and modern elevators. The investor ensured high-end finish of all communal areas.


Is the total number of apartments, varying in size (from 22 to 150 sqm) and the number of rooms (from 1 to 5). The majority of them come with gardens, terraces, or balconies. “Angel River is a perfect place for singles, couples, and families with children. There’s something for everyone. Still available are several apartments in the tower offering beautiful view of the panorama of Wrocław, as well as studios overlooking the river, which are an excellent investment” says Natalia Sawicka.

Also available is the last ground level commercial unit having the area of 82 sqm. An excellent location for an ice-cream parlour, a café, a spa, or a grocery store. The main advantage of the units are large windows along the main traffic routes. “Angel River is an excellent place to live, but also a prime location for a broad range of activities” says Natalia Sawicka. Over 90% of units have already been sold. “Such a remarkable success in selling a premium segment project of this scale was possible also because we offered something unique. One-of-a-kind architecture, high quality of workmanship, and above all the multi-functionality of the building and the closeness of the green areas along the Oława River are what sets it apart from other locations in Wrocław” she adds.


In December the residents will have at their disposal over 250 metres of a fitness zone with elements of spa. The cardio zone is equipped with professional  treadmills, various training bicycles, cross trainers, stepper, fitness balls, wall bars and mats. The weightlifting area, on the other hand, will be provided with weight training equipment, benches, barbells, weights and dumbbells. In the spa area there are two saunas (dry and steam) and a jacuzzi. Also available will be a fully-equipped children’s playroom.


Is how many tram lines (0L, 0P, 3 and 5) and night bus lines (243, 240 and 250) are available in the vicinity of Angel River. Stops around Wróblewskiego Square are about 300 m from the apartment complex. “It is very convenient for the residents who only need several minutes to get to Galeria Dominikańska, Grunwaldzki Square, or the Main Railway Station. During the morning and afternoon peak one line runs up to 5 times per hour” emphasises Natalia Sawicka.


As many as 180 people worked on the last stage of the Angel River development. That’s more than a military company and more than sixteen football teams. And the top of the Angel River building was constructed by as many as 350 people, which is the size of a small battalion. One of the most challenging elements was the installation of the perimeter beams on the last floor of the 55-meter tower. “We can now look at both Angel River buildings with complete satisfaction and pleasure” concludes Sebastian Bieńkowski, Technical Director of Angel River. The complex is now complete with surrounding passageways, a playground, benches, as well as plants and shrubbery. The promenade along the river has also been partially completed, and its further extension is planned. The city has already awarded this contract. The revitalisation of the areas along the Oława River will see the development of walking and cycling routes, platforms, footbridges, playground, and even a beach.


Is the number of trees, shrubs, perennial plants, decorative grasses, sub-shrubs, and bulbous plants were planted around the apartment buildings. Several dozen species in total, including birch, maple, hawthorn, evergreen boxwood, cherry laurel, Japanese pachysandra, Chinese silvergrass, and giant onion.


Is the number of metres of the new section of Miernicza street, which was extended to lead to Angel River. Pavements have been constructed, trees planted, and new lighting fixtures installed along the new section of the road. This allows for an unobstructed access, on foot or by car, to the intersection of Traugutta and Miernicza, leading all the way to the pedestrian boulevard along the Oława River. The intersection has been provided with new traffic lights with an ITS system. “The modernisation of the Miernicza street intersection will benefit not only our residents, but all residents of Wrocław, especially those who live in Przedmieście Oławskie” says Natalia Sawicka.


Construction works by the general constructor commenced in November 2016, and the last finishing works were completed at the end of October/beginning of November 2018. This means that the development took 24 months, that is approximately 720 days, or 62.2 million seconds. “A development project having the size of 30 thousand metres is a major logistical undertaking. The fact that the apartments were handed over before the deadline specified in the developer agreements should be seen as a major success on the part of the developer” concludes Sebastian Bieńkowski.


Is the approximate total cost of the Angel River investment (in PLN). It comes as yet another prestigious project of the Angel Poland Group, after the recently completed OVO Wrocław and Angel Care in Wrocław, and Angel Wawel and Angel Plaza in Kraków. The General Contractor was Karmar S.A., a company that completed investments including: Rezydencja Foksal, Grzybowska 43 in Warsaw, or  Silver Tower Center in Wrocław. The architectural design was prepared by Maćków architectural studio, on the basis of the concept developed by Gottesman Szmelcman Architecture.