Angel Concept

Concept: Creativity, Community, Charity, Consciousness

Angel Concept was formed from a need to connect with the environment in which we create, this means the people and the place.



We set a platform for creativity within the Polish community.


We wish to form a bridge between our company and our clients, our neighbours.

Our intention is to communicate as a community.


Angel Concept is a registered non-profit charity organization.

Any activity is undertaken for charity reasons alone.


Here are some of the activities we do:


1. Promenade near the Wings and River apartment buildings

We are involved in the revitalisation of a part of the Oława River waterfront – right next to Angel River and Wings. We will soon finish the next portion of the waterfront and have plans for, among other things, the maintenance of existing bridge decks and viewing platforms. In addition, we are going to rebuild and modernise the intersection of Traugutta and Miernicza Streets and construct a public walking and driving route, leading, among other things, directly to the promenade.


2. Sensory Park

Angel Poland Group plans to create a Sensory Park in Walońska Street, in an area managed by Wrocławskie Mieszkania. 

The project comes as an example of model cooperation between a real estate developer and representatives of the Municipality. The Sensory Park will combine and create a common space for residents of the Oława River Suburb. A unique opportunity to participate in the design of this special park will be provided to students of architectural degree programmes and of the Academy of Art and Design.


3. Angel Care Senior Citizen Centre

Angel Poland real estate development group has built and commercialised Angel Care nursing home for senior citizens in Dyrekcyjna Street. At the Centre, we launched the free-of-charge Senior Citizen Club and the Memory Clinic, the goal of which was, among other things, to provide free-of-charge diagnostics of dementia-type diseases as well as education in the field of prevention. In 2018, the Centre was successfully sold to an external provider of medical services for senior citizens. Angel Poland Group intends to create further senior citizen housing facilities.